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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Communiteer?

Communiteer is a social venture on a mission to increase social participation via virtual volunteering.

Communiteer’s online platform enables Not-For-Profit organisations and social ventures to collaborate with skilled volunteers in order to achieve positive social outcomes.

How does Communiteer work?

Communiteer helps Not-For-Profit (NFP), charity and For-Purpose organisations connect with skilled volunteers on our platform, collaborate with each other on skilled volunteering projects and contribute to worthy causes.

As a skilled volunteer, we match your skills and causes with the projects on our platform so you can get involved in opportunities that you can contribute to and care about.

As a staff of a Not-For-Profit, charity or For-Purpose organisation, we can help you create and communicate your projects to our volunteer community and support you in getting these projects completed and help you track and report your project impact.

Communiteer aligns all organisations, programs and projects to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, so that you know exactly what your helping with when contributing to a project.

What is virtual volunteering?

Virtual volunteering is any volunteering activity that can be performed online. It is also known as online volunteering, e-volunteering and micro-volunteering.

Virtual volunteering compliments traditional, face-to-face volunteering, by giving volunteers another way to get involved. Virtual volunteering can range from less technical tasks like social media engagement and the signing of petitions, to more technical tasks such as designing a logo, creating an annual budget for the organisation, supporting the organisation’s IT needs, providing legal advice and many other skilled activities.

Volunteering is defined, by Volunteering Australia, as “...time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain”. Further, virtual volunteering is any volunteering activity that is conducted, in part or in whole, through the Internet, according to Cravens & Ellis 2014.

Who can use the Communiteer platform?

Anyone and everyone can be a volunteer! As long as you’re willing to give to worthy causes that you care about, you can get involved. If you’re also a member of an organisation that needs volunteers, wants their staff to give back to the community or just want to encourage more volunteering and social impact, then Communiteer is for you.


Where can I get platform help?

We’re here to help! You can either message the support team through the platform by sending a message to the Communiteer Support team, or you can shoot us an email at


I need to contact Communiteer for a specific purpose

You can reach us at:

Accounts payable/receivable.

Complaints handling.

Partnership enquiries.

For business and partnership enquiries.

For research enquiries.

If you want to join as a volunteer.

For technical and non-technical platform usage issues.

For marketing enquiries.

For media and PR enquiries.



 How do I sign up?

We are currently only open to volunteers who are volunteering on behalf of an organisation. If you would like your organisation to get involved, please send us an email at 

We will open to the general public in early 2019. To register your interest, please send us an email at, and we will add you to the list and let you know when we are open to the public.

How do I find volunteering opportunities?

Right on your dashboard! You can browse by projects and organisations as soon as you login. You will be shown some suggested projects - which are active projects that align to your skills and selected causes.


How do I let an organisation know I’m interested in volunteering for them?

To let an organisation know you’re interested in volunteering for them, all you have to do is join the active project that you would like to participate in. If there are no projects that suit your skills, you can get in touch with the admin of the organisation and let them know what skills you have to offer.

Can I volunteer for more than 1 project at a time?

Yes, you can! While we encourage everyone to complete the opportunities they join, we also understand that you may have diverse interests and want to work on a few things at a time!


What happens to my personal details?

We take your privacy seriously and will do everything we can to ensure that your data is safe and secure. Our privacy policy can be read here.


Nothing is happening with the project!

Don’t panic! Feel free to send your project admin(s) a private message and the system will notify them via email.  If you do not get a response from them, please let us know at and we will follow up for you!


I need some help selecting a project!

On your dashboard, we have suggested projects that you might be interested in based on your skills and chosen causes. If you don’t find anything compelling, you can browse all the available projects on the platform by scrolling further down the dashboard page.

If you’re still not finding something you like, let us know at and we will work with the Not-For-Profits to find something for you!


Who can create projects and opportunities?

Only project admins for organisations can create projects and opportunities for their organisations. The project admins for an organisation can administer all projects and opportunities for that organisation.

Volunteer Involving Organisations

How will Communiteer support my project?

We will work with you to create impactful projects that are aligned to your organisation's mission and meet your business needs. All projects will be uploaded to the platform, where they can be accessed by all volunteers.

Those volunteers who are interested can help you immediately by joining the project. You can then engage with these volunteers individually and at a project level.

If you need specific guidance from us, feel free to reach out to us at


 How do I post a new project or task?

To create a new project, go to your organisation page, click on the “+ Add Project” button. Please fill out all the fields on the page. The more detail that you can give your volunteers the better the outcomes of the project will be. Once you have created the project, go to the project page, click on the “Opportunities” tab and click the “+ Add Task” button to add tasks to the project.

If you need specific guidance from us, feel free to reach out to us at


How do I amend or remove an existing task?

Go to the project, click on the Task tab and each task can be edited there.


Nothing is happening with the project

Sometimes volunteers are just busy, so feel free to reach out and chat or send them a private message to see how they’re going. If you don't hear from anyone for a few days, however, feel free to contact us at and we will do our best to keep volunteers on track and bring in new volunteers.


I need some help creating a project

Feel free to reach out to us at and we can provide you with the relevant information or book in some time to walk you through the project creation process.


How can I become a project or organisation administrator?

If you are an organisation admin, then you can administer any projects for that organisation. If you are not, however, you can request organisation admin privileges from an existing organisation admin. If you only need to administer projects and not the organisation page, the organisation admin can also give you project admin privileges, which allows you to administer all projects for that organisation but not the organisation page.



I've forgotten my email and/or password

Go to the Sign In page and click “Forgot Password?” to retrieve your password. Your username should be the primary or backup emails you registered with. If you don’t remember which email you used, you can request help at


Why can't I login?

Please let us know if you are having trouble accessing your account at


Can I deactivate my account?

If you have an issue with our platform, feel free to reach out to us at and we can help you either resolve the issue or deactivate your account.


I'm not getting notifications

You'll receive daily email notifications in the form of the Daily Digest (check your account settings). Other notifications are not sent as emails as we don't want to annoy you with tens of emails every day. If, however, you want to see every notification as they come through, feel free to let us know your thoughts at


What are your fees?

Please contact us at to find out more details.


How do I lodge a complaint?

If you have questions about, or need help using, the platform, feel free to reach out to us at and we’ll help you get back on track. If you have significant issues regarding Communiteer or its staff, you can lodge a complaint at


Our complaints handling process

We are dedicated to making sure your complaints are handled to the best of our ability. We will get back to you within 48 hours of you making a complaint to discuss it with you.